Laboratory of Analytic, Modeling, Design and Digital Prototyping Technologies

The All-Purpose Training and Research Laboratory of Analytic, Modeling, Design and Digital Prototyping Technologies operates on the premises of the Information Technologies Institute. In it, students explore the various aspects and components of one of the most promising directions, the creation of “digital twins,” i.e. digital copies or prototypes of physical objects, processes or entire enterprises whose parameters and characteristics can thus be investigated, predicted and optimized.

The making of digital twins is an important focus of the Russian Federation’s Digital Economy Program. For that reason, without exaggeration, the students who study this technology acquire trend-setting and highly demanded professions of the future: big data analysis, predictive analytics, business process and digital device simulation, information systems design, databases and data warehouses, along with many other things. In parallel, the laboratory is used to teach programming, computer graphics, and development of virtual and augmented reality applications.

The making of a digital twin is not a simple process — it may take hours to complete. That is why the lab’s workplaces are very comfortable. The computer chairs are adjustable to the researcher’s anthropometric characteristics: you can change the position of your body, place your arms and hands conveniently on the armrests, and adjust the footrest. Three monitors allow you to work with multiple information streams or sources simultaneously. As an example, one screen can serve as a work area, the second may be used to visualize a model, schematic drawing or work task, and the third screen to display reference materials.

The laboratory is used for the training of groups pursuing master’s and bachelor’s programs (starting from the second year of studies) in all areas of the IT Institute’s education, regardless of the students’ specific major.