Situation center

The Situation Center of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation created at RTU MIREA is a multifunctional organizational and technical complex for preparing and supporting managerial decisions in educational, academic, research, technical, and innovative activities. Such work includes collection, processing, accumulation, analysis of information and application of modeling technologies.

The creation of the Situation Center is driven by the goals of the Science and Education national projects. In terms of technical equipment, this project has no analogues in the field of education. Having created the Situation Center, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia received a powerful modern tool to monitor and manage the higher education system throughout the country.

The Situation Center is designed for heads of ministries and departments, scientific and educational organizations, municipal, regional and federal government bodies.

The main areas of work of the center:

  • Creation of a unified information storage integrated with the systems of data collection operators which include federal statistical observations, industry monitoring collected data, operational analytical data, including data on the dynamics of salaries in education in the regions.
  • Full and prompt provision of information on the current state and functioning of higher education institutions and research organizations of the Russian Federation to employees of the central office of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and its subdivisions.
  • Operational analysis, modeling and forecasting of trends in the development of science and education.
  • Prompt preparation of alternatives for managerial decisions with simultaneous visualization of information.
  • Bringing together of all stockholders in a common information space and the organization of interdepartmental interaction.
  • Prevention and elimination of problem situations arising in the course of the implementation of state regulatory and program documents.

Center equipment

The Situation Center is equipped with modern technical facilities including a local area network, communication means (video conferencing, conference calls and other means of interactive interaction), and a shared screen. Due to the operation of the equipment in real time, information on indicators relating to education and science is accumulated here.

The use of advanced technologies allows to conduct automated monitoring, control, perform analysis, work on diagnostics, assessment and examination of situations, provide dynamic and spatial comparison of information on the activities of subordinate organizations.

Results of work

  • For each subject of the Federation, the Situation Center accumulates extensive statistical information. The "passports" of the regions have aggregated information about institutions of higher and additional education, as well as organizations carrying out research and development.
  • The Situation Center allows receiving information and reference reports on the admission, current number of students and graduates in areas of training and specialties, on training within the target admission quota, and the breakdown of the number of students by age and gender.
  • Reports contain data on the facilities and resources available, the information base, financial and economic activities of higher education organizations and much more.
  • Aggregation of information from various sources allows for data verification, minimizing statistical errors, eliminating information distortions and forming the necessary and sufficient basis for high accuracy for taking managerial decisions.