19.03.01 Biotechnology

The training program is designed for those who are interested in biotechnology - a science that, based on the knowledge of microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetic engineering, immunology, enzymology, protein engineering, cell biology,- transforms biological objects to perform biochemical changes and obtain target products.

Theoretical courses of the program cover issues of molecular mechanisms functioning and modern methods of studying living systems, as well as issues relating to modern equipment necessary for the development of new biochemical technologies.

Practical classes allow to master modern biotechnological methods.
Level of education:
Bachelor’s degree
Form of training:
Full-time (day department)
Venue of training:
Entrance exams:
— Mathematics (major)
— Russian language
— Chemistry
Programs, specializations:
The proposed program provides a high level of specialized scientific knowledge and high skills of the experimenter. During the training course, students receive theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the design and production of medicinal and diagnostic drugs, general and applied microbiology, applied enzymology, genetic engineering, and biochemistry.
Classes are held in educational laboratories equipped with modern biotechnological and analytical equipment. The training program is adapted to the needs of specific employers: molecular biotechnologists, specialists in the field of cell technologies, etc.
Alumni can be employed as
  • biotechnological researchers
  • technologists of biopharmaceutical production
  • product quality control specialists
  • biotechnological / biopharmaceutical production specialist
Program subjects
  • Design in biotechnology
  • Fundamentals of biotechnology
  • Chemistry of biologically active substances
  • Technologies for obtaining biologically active substances
  • Physicochemical methods in biotechnology
  • Biologics: obtaining, isolating and purifying
  • Quality assurance system for biotechnological products
  • Information technology in biotechnology
  • Bio nanotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical chemistry
  • Industrial biotechnology
  • Technologies of protein drugs for medical purposes
  • Fundamentals of biochemistry and molecular biology
Graduating departments:
• Department of Biotechnology and Industrial Pharmacy
• Department of Chemistry and Technology of Biologically Active Compounds, Medical and Organic Chemistry named after N.А. Preobrazhensky