Scientific and Educational Center for Medical Radiology and Dosimetry

The Scientific and Educational Center for Medical Radiology and Dosimetry has been launched at the Institute of Artificial Intelligence. The Scientific and Educational Center (REC) is created jointly with the Federal State Budgetary Institution (FSBI) National Medical Research Center of Radiology of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation for training medical physicists and engineers using a fundamentally new technical base. The Center leverages the experience of specialists from leading medical radiological centers of Russia.

On the basis of the REC laboratories, Bachelor Degree students are trained under program 12.03.04: Biotechnical Systems and Technologies (specializations: Computer Systems and Technologies for Processing Biomedical and Environmental Information, Radiophysical and Radiological Medical Systems). In addition, the Center provides for training Master Degree students under program 12.04.04: Biotechnical Systems and Technologies (Master’s programs – Bioinformation Technologies and Systems, Radiophysical and Radiological Medical Systems and Technologies). The plans call for implementation of advanced training and professional retraining programs for medical physicists, radiologists and nurses in the field of radiophysical and radiological medical systems and technologies jointly with the National Medical Research Center of Radiology of the Ministry of Health of Russia.

Laboratories of the Center:

The Laboratory of Virtual Imaging in Radiation Therapy is equipped with the VERT training system (UK) for virtual imaging of radiation therapy, which allows to:

  • create on the screen a moving 3D image from a Varian or Elekta radiation therapy device, simulating a real location in the treatment room;
  • simulate the movements of the accelerator in various operating modes, including the real plans (DICOM-RT Plan);
  • control the virtual accelerator using a real remote control panel;
  • display on the screen the pointers, markers and other visualization aids selected by the instructor or the trainees;
  • study operation of dosimetry equipment.
The laboratory provides for laboratory work and practical training in such disciplines as Methods and Means of Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Therapy, Planning of Physical Effects on Human Body, Clinical Dosimetry and Radiation Safety in Medical Radiology, Medical and Physical Foundations of Computer Tomography, Radiation Biophysics and Radiobiology, Atomic and Nuclear Physics.

The Laboratory of Functional Diagnostics is designed for studying the principles of operation of and research protocols for the main outpatient types of diagnostic equipment. The laboratory is equipped with a system for monitoring indicators during a cardiac stress exercise test / ECG, an electroencephalographic monitoring system, an integral plethysmograph, a graphical recording system of evoked potentials, an ultrasound machine, a patient monitor, a spirometer, an objective audiometry device, and a transcranial magnetic stimulator. The laboratory conducts classes in Medical Sensors and Electrodes, Medical Devices, Devices, Systems and Complexes, Medical Ultrasonic Devices, Equipment for Functional Diagnostics, Technical Methods of Diagnostic Studies and Therapeutic Effects.

The Laboratory of Biomedicine is equipped with: analytical equipment including a low pressure chromatograph, IR and VIZ spectrometers, microscopy devices; biophysics testing units demonstrating physical laws of interaction of ultrasound waves with the matter, including the Doppler effect, ultrasound tomography, osmosis and the principle of artificial kidney operation, the rheology of complex fluids and neural networks; a training X-ray apparatus able to conduct over 30 various experiments with X-ray radiation, including computed tomography and dosimetry; a training MRI. The laboratory conducts classes in such disciplines as Biochemistry, Analytical Technologies and Techniques in Laboratory Diagnostics, Biomedical Analytical Equipment, Biophysics, Dosimetry and Protection against Ionizing Radiation, Computed Tomography.