Educational and Research Center for Space Monitoring ("CosMoCenter")

The Educational and Research Center for Space Monitoring is a mega-laboratory created on the basis of the Institute of Radio Electronics and Informatics.

The CosMoCenter carries out research and training of students who will later become specialists in radio-technical space monitoring. For the purpose, future graduates learn to use Earth remote sensing data from space, study the state of spacecraft in near-Earth space.

The CosMoCenter is used not only for the educational process.  On its premises, research is carried out for the benefit of various customers, including foreign ones.

The CosMoCenter works in the areas of

  • radar and radio navigation
  • space communication systems
  • space information systems
  • monitoring of the environment and outer space

The CosMoCenter has everything necessary for its effective operation: stands, antennas, and monitoring stations. These facilities make it possible to study all currently known satellite signals and carry out various assignments with space and environmental monitoring systems.