Center of Innovative Technologies in Microelectronics

The training and manufacturing center entitled “Innovative Technologies in Microelectronics” operates on the premises of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence. It specializes in training professionals in the development and production of general- and special-purpose radio-electronic equipment.

Trainees of the center design and debug processes in manufacturing electronic equipment on printed circuit boards, create mockups and prototypes of such equipment, and manufacture LED lamps for the university’s needs.

There are modern robots available to do a job of any complexity level. The center has a surface-mount manufacturing line, along with manual electronic module mounting, repair and design compliance verification workstations.

Employees of the Center, helped by undergraduates and graduates, carry out research on manufacturing radio-electronic equipment with guaranteed fault tolerance, ways to improve solder joint quality and to enhance the reliability of special-purpose radio-electronic hardware operated in the extreme conditions of the Far North or in a hazardous environment.

All equipment of the Center, including its robots, machine tools, transport system, air preparation station, ventilation and air conditioning systems, access control system, lighting and power supply, is managed by a distributed process control system, DCS APROL.