09.03.02 Information systems and technologies

Students study information systems and technologies in a virtual environment, as well as software, and methods of developing modern digital technologies. The professional activities of graduates include research, development, implementation and visualization of information technology.
Level of education:
Bachelor's degree
Form of training:
Full-time (daytime)
Venue of training:
Entrance exams:
— Mathematics (major.)
— Russian language
— Informatics and ICT
Programs, specializations:
Computer design
Students master front-end development, learn to create sites tailored to the needs of the customer and target audience, content for the gaming environment; gain skills in computer graphics, animation and 3D graphics. The area of ​​professional activity includes the design of projects in the media environment: development of website design, promo pages, landing pages, creation of logos, banners, infographics and other graphic components of the design of a web project. The training is based not only on the study of visual design, but also on the study of the markup language for HTML documents, the language for formatting CSS document styles, and the basics of HTML layout. In the learning process, graduates master various skills. 

Future professionals

  • know and apply color theory, basics of composition and digital fonts;
  • have knowledge of tools for working with various types of graphics: from 3D modeling to creating animation;
  • know the specifics of working with HTML, and CSS;
  • prepare design layouts for subsequently placing the materials in the media space;
  • know how to develop promotional activities on the site; 
  • know marketing and methods to attract new users.
Alumni can be employed as
  • graphic and multimedia designers
  • developers of web and multimedia applications
  • interface designers and developers
Program subjects
  • Digital design
  • Web technologies in design
  • Multimedia technologies in design
  • Web programming
  • Computer technologies in design
  • Visualization in design
  • Design in a virtual environment
  • Design of visual communications
  • Identity and corporate style
  • Digital ornaments and fonts
  • Infographics
  • Tools of information technology in design
  • Information technology in design
  • Design in the media industry
  • Technologies of network design
  • Design
  • Color theory and coloristics
  • Composition
  • Psychology of visual perception
Graduating department: Department of Computer Design